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Gallery: Fastnet Rock Light, County Cork, Ireland in SL™

Fastnet has a wonderfully rich history.  The light itself is memorialized as “The Tear of Ireland” for it is the last thing you see when travelling by ship west toward America.  It has been an example of technological innovation in lighthouse design, and will be remembered for its role as the far mark in the Fastnet Race, a legendary test of sailing and seamanship leaving Cowes and returning.  The 1979 Race was marked with tragedy as a storm approached 20 people died during the event. The details of the race and its impact on ocean racing was documented in many fine texts, including “Fastnet: Force 10” by John Rousmaniere. 

Without a doubt, the Rock is an imposing figure on the Irish Coast.  The area is rarely without bad weather, and the wrecks that litter the sea bottom in the area attest to the dangers involved with traversing this area of the North Atlantic Ocean.

More than a year ago a visitor to the SL Boat Show in Sailor’s Cove Sim had struck up a conversation about this place.  It was at the time, a passing thought that this light should and could be built for Second Life™ residents and sailors. As I recall, I asked the visitor (JeanCarlo Kepler) to be patient if he did not want to spend outrageous fortunes on the construction according to his schedule.  Pleasantly enough, JeanCarlo had been patient, and when the time was available, construction began.  Below is a scattered collection of photos of the real and virtual version of this venerable monument to man’s devotion, and respect for, the sea:

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