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January 23rd, 2012:

Gallery: Lora Chadbourne’s Snowflake Lunar Lander

OK – NASA has some assets that are in limbo due to funding, and they may just be recovered to the Kingdom of DeMolay! Imagine, a moonscape and learning area for deployment of prototype lunar facilities! Lora Chadbourne, who I know in SL as an amazing builder, has produced the Snowflake lunar module, a high-quality reproduction of the Apollo Landing Modules used by NASA in the RL moon exploration programs. ┬áIf the path is clear, we will be able to explore the moon in the Kingdom, adding to that the possibility of a future space colony – how would it look? YOU can help decide!


Video: Fastnet Light in SL™ v2.3

The same lighthouse, with shadows and depth of field, gives a subtle improvement to the presentation of Fastnet in Second Life.


The Fastnet Rock Lighthouse in SL ca.2009, along with Boston Light and Orient Point from the same period: