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Gallery: Sky Crawlers Inspired Airfield Apparatus in SL


OK I admit it, I watched an anime for the first time in a long time, and was inspired.  Fantastically, the movie was about some time-twisted pilots in a strange never-ending war, between two corporations.  The main character spends much time on the ground at the airfield, and so with that is the apparatus on the scene, more akin to an aircraft carrier of modern times, the antenna and communications gear on the tower is amazingly well detailed. The field itself is a mosaic of time periods, but evokes a period of the European Theater of World War II.  More to the point, my already existing SL Aerodrome Terminal building looked a lot like the operations building around which some of the action is based in the movie.  Add the modern tech gear and voila, my SL airfield becomes home to some of the flying vehicles seen in the movie, and the scene is almost complete.  Just add pilots. Have a look at some of the snapshots taken during a recent tour of the facility:

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