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January 3rd, 2012:

Gallery: What is a Megaregion?

A Megaregion is a combined area of more than 1 simulated region, called a “sim”, which is typically 256m x 256m. In the case of the Kingdom of DeMolay, we are talking about 4 x 4 sim area (or 1024m x 1024) of about 1 square kilometer. ¬†While this is small in real life, it is revolutionary in the sense that technical limitations for simulated vehicle physics are lifted to accommodate a region like the sailing ocean. This was created using data from real life as a guide. ¬†Below we can see three representations of the same area, once in Aerial Photography, once with a Nautical Chart, and once with the map feature inside the Kingdom of DeMolay application.

Video: Sailing in Opensimulator 0.7.2