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Lighthouse building projects

Gallery: FSB Summer 2014 Season for Teach & Take Program begins

This season is starting out with great weather and great participants in the 2014 Summer Teach & Take a Kid program! For more information about the Foundation for Safe Boating, or how to get involved with the many programs there, visit the website, or give a call. I’m sure they would love to hear from you! (  The first leg took us from Amityville, NY on the Great South Bay to Fire Island Sailor’s Haven at the National Wildlife Preserve and Seashore. The chart screenshots are provided by NOAA for free, in PDF form at their site: (  



Gallery: Knaptrackicon Revisited 2014

The following snapshots were taken in the Knaptrackicon Channel region of Second Life. It’s a long term prim preserve and seaway maintenance project. Many thanks to Elbag Gable and Jane Fosset, as well as the Day to Day operations crew at Danshire Yacht Club and SLCG Station Danshire. BZs all around!



Gallery: 3D Projects 1999-2006

Below is a retrospective of works using Bryce3D from 1999 to 2006, when I discovered Second Life as a tool for sharing safety at sea messages. Since then I have actively participated in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary prototype programming for the 3D Virtual Worlds platforms. I am always interested in development of a truly 3D interactive training tool with practicable use. Please drop me a line if you are interested in working on this further. The files below are based on engineering and survey data combined with a 3D display of the charted objects (lighthouses, buoys, and other shipping / sea lanes).



Video: Designing Worlds – Sailing in SL

20 Minutes of video from the Monday September 23rd edition of Designing Worlds on

click here for the full video on sailing in Second Life. 

Gallery: 9-sim Boston Harbor Islands

Due to resource constraints, the sailing sims in Kingdom of DeMolay have been reduced to 9 sims from 48.   Yes, it should be just as FUN! here are some pics and the new regatta course has produced a new champion Jetski Match Racer!  See below for the exciting race finish pics!

KoDSailing Boston SkylineSnapshot_003


Gallery: Fog Effects in KoD

Sailing regions in KoD are taking on a mysterious, foggy look these days!



Gallery: Outer Brewster Island, KoD Sailing44



Gallery: Calf Island, Boston Harbor

A short sail between Georges and Calf Islands, in the Kingdom of DeMolay virtual Boston Harbor



Link: Relay for Life, Second Life Sail 4 Life

Thank you to the Sail 4 Life team and all who participated in the Relay for Life.  I am just grateful to be able to contribute. *hugz*


Relay for Life after party at the Reflection sim, featuring the Sail 4 Life region.


Gallery: Brewster Islands, Boston Harbor in KoD