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NYC 1939

Gallery: Graf Zeppelin visits Knaptrackicon Sim in SL (Flight Test)

A flying version is in the works, currently being tested.  In this flight, Graf Zeppelin 3D Model descends over the rooftops of a tiny Mediterranean seacoast village.



Gallery: Graf Zeppelin in SL 1:5 Scale Walkthru and Further Lighting Tests & Development

More Lighting tests and mood choosing for the upcoming episode or chapter of Ice Domes of the Bandit Queen by K.T. Sebastian


Gallery: 1:5 Scale Zeppelin in progress – Interior

Some revisions to the decks, bulkheads, and more lighting tests…

Gallery: More Lighting Effects, Graf Zeppelin SL Interior



Gallery: Photo Tests, Graf Zeppelin in SL

Build progress continues, testing lighting effects

Gallery: Graf Zeppelin SL Film Stills

Demo for deisgning airships, this is based on a plan from 1928-29.



Gallery: Graf Zeppelin Improvements

As a research project, I looked up the plans for the zeppelin / rigid air ship Graf Zeppelin and proceeded to build her in my spare time in SL. It was a familiarization effort, to get to know the subtleties of airship design and construction for use in a creative project for a client. Quite an education! Below are snapshots taken during the exercise:


Snapshot_288 (more…)

Gallery: Photo Tests, Character Calendar DRAFT

I am sleepy but this character set tests the poses and lighting options for characters, poses, outfits, and more.  The main character was the model for these pics, but the options are interchangeable to other as yet undeveloped character designs.  These are preliminary and have a long way to go before they are ready for publication or distribution!




Gallery: InWorldz New York City Virtually 1939; Brooklyn Bridge

In 1884, New York only had one crossing of the east river to the City of Brooklyn.  This well-found bridge would last centuries as an icon of a city full of potential, and is respected as a feat of engineering.  When Pan asked me to help build her vision of Old New York in InWorldz, I jumped at the chance.