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Gallery: Monochrome World

Sometimes the network is slow. Sometimes the textures wont load. I’m thankful that these images show the greyscale considerations when textures are laggy:

Gallery: India House at Slapdoogle

Knapp Station SL™

Gallery: Gothic Arches of Steel 2019 SL™

Gallery: 19th Century Society Monkey Fist Excursion aboard Pioneer

Gallery: Ellenville NY Depot

image (more…)

Gallery: Graf Zeppelin SL Film Stills

Demo for deisgning airships, this is based on a plan from 1928-29.



Bro Paul

To all my relations….
Tonight I celebrate a warrior whose spirit will be forever with us, a role model to those who live and love in light and fight for the less fortunate, whose passion will ignite a fire within us to serve good and heal us. Forever my brother Paul, wherever you are I know you are looking out for us. Amen.

Steve Jobs RIP

Safe travels, star child.


Gallery: San Diego Museum of Art in SL™


This project was comissioned by the owners of Solace Beach Estates in Second Life.  A replica of the RL gallery and main building in Balboa Park, this one includes a shared media review of the park in 1915 (Thanks to the American Memory Project at the Library of Congress).  These snapshots may look a little different, they were taken using the Kirstens Viewer (S19) with shadows enabled! More to come… (more…)