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Stone Works in Mount Vernon

The following was an architectural review and opener to a virtual walk-through that has been wrought as a designer-level high resolution rendering of a set of buildings in a quaint part of New York.

Gallery: Summer Solstice in North Sea Fruit Islands SL™

These shots were taken from the landmark red tower in the North Sea, after Sanibel Island FL and the same ironwork engineering as Marblehead, MA. A great day was had in the races, sponsored by Dale Irata and the Summer Sailstice team! What lovely weather in the virtual sea for a race!


Gallery: Monochrome World

Sometimes the network is slow. Sometimes the textures wont load. I’m thankful that these images show the greyscale considerations when textures are laggy:

Gallery: India House at Slapdoogle

Gallery: Faro Progreso Mexico in SL™

This lighthouse is being constructed from original plans for the Summer Sailstice in SecondLife™. It is located on the North Coast of the Yucatan Pinensula. I am happy to provide this lighthouse to Dale, who did not ask for it, but I have not made many Latin American lighthouses, so I thank them for the opportunity!

2020 Portfolio

This is a collection of past digital work by RJ, in virtual and real projects.

Digital Images ©2020 RJ/Seabreeze All Rights Reserved

Perfect Isolation behind The Wall

Our best selves can be presented in this virtual world, and my friends, we have been waiting for some time to offer the lesson learned from he SL™ lifetimes we have lived. In 2020, can we take a moment to remeber those who are not here to share this with us. My friend Francois J would have been contemplative and reassuring to us all in this time, being an example of patience and virtue to which I owe a great debt – one that may well never be paid back fully. I am thankful to be able to share this time with you, as well dear visitor!

Knapp Station SL™

Gallery: Gothic Arches of Steel 2019 SL™

Gallery: Sky Crawlers Mansion in SL™